Friday, January 25, 2008

Stuck in Karazhan

I’m kind of a sucker for funny songs.  Around Christmas time, Elinor introduced me to Flight of the Conchords, and I’ve been laughing at almost all their songs ever since.  Was always a big Weird Al fan back in the day as well.

More recently, I saw the WoW Idol songs over at WoW Radio.  Some of my favorites are Hazzyrd and Moonxtal – No Pugs and Pet Mage – Lvled You.  I actually voted for Eccky – NPC.  But after listening to those songs, I kept having flashes of song lyrics in my head.  So, I took a couple days and came up with “Stuck in Karazhan”.  It’s to the tune of Dave Matthews’ Band – Crash Into Me.  Be nice with the criticism, kk?  Maybe one day I’ll actually sing it as well… while I have a pretty good voice, don’t hold your breath for that one.

You did the grind
You got to seventy
Seems like it took all eternity
Now you’re in on
A friendly guild
Sure beats doing The Killing Fields
Jump into a heroic run
And oh man, this sure is
Lots of fun
Almost geared for your first 10-man

Now you enter in Karazhan
And you can not get out
You can not get out
In a Nelf’s dream
In a Nelf’s dream

Downed Attuneman and Moroes
Maiden, Opera; they weren’t close
Now we take on the upper tower
When you enter in Karazhan, back door
And you can not get out
In a Nelf’s dream
In a Nelf’s dream

Curator dropped my T-four
And Illhoof and Shade, oh they were no more.
We tanked all those beams till
He died

Oh you enter in
Karazhan, yeah, player
And you can not get out
All DPS Prince Malchezaar
And watch the Infernals with me
All DPS Prince Malchezaar
He’ll drop T-4 for me
In a Nelf’s dream… In a Nelf’s dream

Oh I was King Llane
Then we summoned up Nightbane
But we can’t get more than the standard 10-man
Week after week
The way it has to be
For you, for me
Stuck in Karazhan

Killed the Prince of the Castle
Shade’s a dirty rascal
In Karazhan


jimbo said...

2 points for originality. Another 2 points for having the guts to post it in front of the world on your blog.

Dunno about the Nelf part. Just sounds funny. Maybe you can change it to the Emerald Dream :)

You should challenge others to write WoW Song lyrics. I doubt anyone else will try to best you.

jimbo said...

Lol. I just listened to the songs on the 2008 WoW idol, thx for the link.

It's funny how you associate with the songs about the class you play. I enjoyed the "I smile when I gank" song, made me miss my rogue.

Anonymous said...

omg, "keep the tank from dying" is my story of wow lol...
this is crysannia :)