Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Before The Buzzer

I have 3 kind of small, separate posts for today, so brace yourself.

On Tuesday night, we headed back into Gruul’s Lair.  We downed High King Maulgar without too many problems, but then had a heck of a time with Gruul the Dragonkiller.

Last night, even though we had Karazhan runs scheduled, we decided to finish up in Gruul’s instead.  Part of the problem is just the randomness of which way you’re thrown.  Sometimes you land in a bunch of people, and everyone accidentally runs the wrong way.  I usually don’t get thrown very far or at all because I’m running into the wall, but Gruul was pretty upset with me last night, and I was thrown across the room on a number of occasions. /shrug

Our other problem seems to be with healer schedules.  We have plenty of healers, we just can’t seem to get them all online at the same time.  We try to take 7 into Gruul’s, but it seems that 6 is all we ever get.  We have a few that are exceptionally well-geared, so it probably works out pretty well, but still… I think our encounters would be easier if we had that 7th.

Then again, we do have 2 Shadow Priests in 2 different parties.  If I can get both of them to cast Vamperic Embrace, then we’d probably be set as well.  (Yes, one of them wasn’t casting that last night due to agro.  I highly doubt he can get over our main tank.  After a quick discussion about that, and on a next attempt, he did it, and didn’t pull agro either.)

At any rate… Gruul is once again dead until Tuesday. We started the last attempt about a minute before respawn should have occured.  I wonder if they actually did respawn.  Hmm...


DadGuy said...

I've done gruuls with 4 great healers. 7 is overkill assuming your healers know what they're doing. 5-6 should probably be pretty average, especially with 2 shadow priests.

Who is tanking for you guys nowadays?

Notlok said...

"Who is tanking for you guys nowadays?" if you come back :) lol

DadGuy said...

Heh, I was just curious notlok. ;)

I've been tempted again lately, but it's for all the wrong reasons. And you probably don't want me back because I'd make aridhol my main anyway. lol