Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1% ≈ Dead

First off… Messing with my new hard drive (stupid SATA and Via Controller) and trying to get it work (and as of 2:30 this morning, still not working), and then other more RL issues, I had very little time to get my Shaman to 58 before our raid started last night.  My plan was to be on Leiandra at 8 for 8:15 invites for a 8:30 raid.  When I turned in my last quest at 8:06 and only needed one more kill, I figured that I was already late (on my time-table), and I’d just get it done tonight.  The wife needs a couple more kills anyway, and then we’d have to train and travel to Outlands and all that stuff… Anyway, it will be soon.

For our raid last night, we were back in Gruul’s Lair.  For High King Maulgar, it’s just a lot of little things that seem to be taking us out.  One of our pally tanks accidentally got too close and body pulled the group on our first “attempt”.  Then we were having some positioning issues where Krosh was Blast Waving a healer or even the tank on Maulgar himself.  Like I’ve said a million times, that fight is almost 90% positioning.  Once we got everyone in the right position, we took them all down.  (Is that considered a 1-shot?  Lol)

Gruul was just Gruul.  We had a few more detrimental attacks because of Shatters… it happens sometimes.  We didn’t have our resto druid with us, so the silences were a bit tougher.  We had some really great attempts though.  The first one seemed to be going the smoothest I’ve ever seen until about 7 people all landed in the same spot after being thrown in the air.  One of the attempts we got him down to 1%.  1%!  That was heartbreaking.  We did get respawn.  (/sigh) One of our melee had to go, and our resto druid was online by that point, so it was a 1-shot after the respawn.

We’ve got the gear to easily 1-shot both bosses… it’s just the little, technical things that are killing us atm.  Sort those out, and we’ll have a pretty good shot at Magtheridon.

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DadGuy said...

The difference between the average raiding guild and the great ones (as far as encounters go) is the details. If the raid has the details down, you can go in and 1 shot them and do a ton more content. If the raid doesn't have the details down it's painful every time.