Monday, January 21, 2008

Farming Nodes with Cartographer Routes

I actually used a new add-on that I found from Wow Insider to do the farming I mentioned last week.  The mod is an add-on to of Cartographer and it’s called Routes.  Cartographer has a feature that allows you to track nodes mined, gathered, or otherwise encountered.  It also takes this information from guildies that have this mod installed as well.  The main reason I initially started using Cartographer was probably for the removal of the fog of war of the undiscovered areas.

But this new part of “Routes” takes all that mining node data and gives you the most effective route to hit all those possible gathering spots.  In Burning Steppes, for example, it had me doing a general circle around the whole area with the best path mapped out on both my map and mini map.  It will also include new nodes that you have found into your route.  Just be aware that you may need to re-analyze your route or it’ll have you doing ineffective zig-zags like it did for me.

At any rate... Cartographer Routes is a pretty nifty tool.  You can also head over to The Khorium Toolbox to find out how to use Routes.  Very useful, in my opinion.

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