Monday, January 14, 2008


I’ve spent most of my free time this morning checking out, so I thought I’d share some comments about it today.  Thanks, meltfacer for that great link.

It’s basically a great gear comparison site by class and spec.  Not all of the classes and specs are there yet, but I think there’s some great knowledge in it.  It ranks items solely on DPS based on the specific spell rotation.  There’s good and bad to this, but overall it gives a good indication of what DPS you can expect with a given item.

Let me start out with the bad.  Items are only ranked by DPS and not much else.  So, while I tend to lean more towards purple items, but also recognizing that some blue (or even green items) can be better than a purple, it’s hard for me to believe that a green quest-reward trinket is better than an SSC trinket.  And even though you’re a DPS (whatever class you are), you still need a certain amount of stamina just to stay alive.  So, it’s a good comparison, but not necessarily the Bible you should live by.

It’s a great resource to see what items are next on your upgrade list.  Yes, I know that the Armory does that, but it never seems to give a very good comparison.  And with the DPS number attached to the item here, you know exactly how much of an upgrade (in terms of DPS) you are getting.  It also gives you some good advice on how to gem your item.  So, go check it out.

On a side note: My shaman and my wife’s priest are about ½ way through level 57.  So… soon I’ll be abandoning all my old quests and heading through the Dark Portal.

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Trollin' said...

I found maxdps a while ago and I said the same thing about the stam. The thing you gotta do is chose an amount of health you want and compare the pieces you're replacing with dps values to minimize the impact the stam pieces have on the rest of your gear.