Monday, January 28, 2008

Speeding up

We had a number of normal healers that were afk for last night’s ZA run.  Luckily we had enough healer alts or mains that could respec to be able to form two successful groups.

One of my officers ran the raid since my 20-month old decided to misplace my usb sound card for my laptop and my desktop wasn’t working*.  I can use the built-in speakers to hear everything, but the mic and audio ports have been so damaged that they no longer work, hence the usb sound card.  

The group I was in was about 30 seconds away from taking the Bear boss down in time to save the prisoners.  My sheep popped early and smacked me down.  Hopefully we can get that next time.  And then we 2-shotted the Eagle boss, with the first time getting him down to 1%.

One of our healers had to leave after that quick jaunt, so we’ll focus on the Dragonhawk tonight.  I know I’m counting my chickens before they hatch, but it would be great to finally down a new boss.

*On another note… I’ve had some major issues with my main computer to the point where I almost bought a whole new computer (well, the parts at any rate) today.  Talking with a co-worker, sounds like there’s one more thing I can try before I have to bury the old mare.  I know there’s a ton of faster things out there, and for less than $500 (I think I figured I could spend $300 for some pretty nice upgrades), but why spend it if I don’t have to?  I’ll keep you posted to see if it works… I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your seat to know if I fixed my computer or not.  Lol.

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