Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Left Out

It seems that a lot of my blogging colleagues have been hit by spammers in their comments. I was feeling a bit left out. Luckily, I logged in this morning to see that I get included as well. Ahh… how sweet. /sigh

I know that in and of itself is a little thing, and kind of silly, but I really want control over my blog again. (#$^@ Corporate Firewalls) I can’t moderate comments or add pictures or links (very well) or so many other things that I’ve been thinking about during the day, and I just plain am too lazy to think about it at night. (Besides, I’d rather be playing Wow if I can anyway.)

So, I have to finish fixing my computer (was able to finally side step an issue I was having with the Via Controller for my motherboard) and installing all the old programs. I need to work on some upgrades I’ve been fiddling with for the guild forums. I need to map my keys to my Nostromo… and THEN… I can look into setting up my own blog away from blogger.

So, again… if anyone is subscribed to the blogger feed, make sure you update it to

Thanks so much. And I promise I’ll talk about Wow related things again tomorrow.

1 comment:

Galoheart said...

I guess you wont left out afterall. The like to spam very early in the morning it seems.