Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late Night Heroics and the Last Few Days

Before I get to the title of this post, just a few quick housecleaning items.  I was too busy researching computer parts to bother to post yesterday.  (See where my priorities are?)  I really held back on a lot of parts, but I got a decent motherboard that should allow me to upgrade for awhile if I so choose.  NewEgg had most of the best prices, and I trust them, and since I only live one city away from them, the “3-day delivery” is overnight as long as I get it in before 4:00 or so.  So, old computer is out, and new one (in parts form) will be delivered today.

We spent a great deal of time on the Dragonhawk boss on Monday night.  We had some issues getting through the gauntlet, but still had a solid amount of time to work on the actual boss.  I love how you can reset that boss… it makes down time between attempts so much faster.  We got all of the eggs hatched on one side multiple times.  We’re actually really close to getting it done on the other side as well.  I have a feeling that we’ll get another boss down in the next night or two.  We’ll see.

Gruul’s last night was an interesting dilemma for Primogeniture.  For once in our life, we had too many tanks and healers online and not enough dps.  So strange for us.  The High King was a bit of a challenge for some reason.  We always have somebody pull him by mistake (grrrr…), and then the High King wasn’t positioned right another time.  At any rate, once we got the pull down, we killed him that shot.  (Again… all about the pull.)  Then we one shotted Gruul.  Of course with 8 healers (or whatever we had), we probably could have just healed him to death.  Lol.

So… I was putzing around thinking I should get off when a guildie asked me to go into Heroic Black Morass.  I figured that that’s one of the shorter heroics, so I’d give it a try.  It was both the heroic and non-heroic daily.  It was mostly guildie, with a healer outside the guild that I’ve run with many times.  So, Shelby, Mattosaur, Leiandra, Tygamoon, and Mundi (non-guildie) destroyed Black Morass.  I was the only death because I was stupid.  Went up way too high on the agro meter, and started to invis after just one more fireball… I pulled agro and should have iceblocked… but didn’t find the button in time.  I really need to put that in a better position.  My “oh crap” button is my mana shield.  I really need to change that.  So, finished by about 1.  Really not bad at all.  So… Heroic Black Morass is possible.  And at this point in my gear progression, it’s not all that hard either.


Galoheart said...

BM regular is one of my most fun instance. Haven't been there in a while though. As well have never tried it on Heroic mode. I've heard its one of the Harder heroics, but I've yet to attempt to do it on Heroics so not sure how much different it is other that all bossed having more health and hitting much harder.

Logan said...

Heroic BM is simply a gear check. Unlike many of the other heroics where you have to rely on precise pulling, positioning, and crowd control, BM is all about having enough firepower to take down each rift keeper before the next rift spawns (they don't wait for the previous one to die in heroic) and competent, well geared DPS handling the adds. This heroic is a nightmare for early level 70s in blues and greens but it's pretty much a cakewalk once you're in kara/tier 4 gear. So yeah... if you're at that point in your gear progression, go get your 3 badges in 45 minutes or so. :)