Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Days, It Doesn't Pay to Get Out of Bed

“Farm Status” is a very tricky thing. For example, I’d say that we have Karazhan on farm status, but some nights it feels like Prince and Shade can’t be killed if we used an atomic bomb. Sure, I still consider them on farm, but when does something cross over from new content to farm?

Last night, we took a group of people into ZA to try to farm the 2 bosses we’ve killed before, and make a good, solid attempt on the Dragonhawk. We were even optimistic that we’d get the first boss or two down in the allotted time for the bonus. We had heard that it was easier to take down the Eagle boss before the Bear, so we tried that first. Got through the gauntlet with no problems, and that’s when things kind of fell apart.

Long story short: we didn’t kill the Eagle Boss. After 30 minutes of trying, and then getting respawn, we decided to kill the Bear boss and then try the Dragonhawk. Ok, so… it’s still kind of touch and go with the Eagle. I wouldn’t consider him on farm even though we’ve killed him probably 4 times. The Bear boss should be a piece of cake for our raid group. The first time there was a mix up on who was supposed to tank which form, so a tank died. Then a tank got two bleed effects on him because he taunted too early, so he died. I think it was only 4 attempts before we pulled it off, but it sure seemed like a lifetime.

Then there was the Dragonhawk. I’m going to quote from Shade here: “I want this nightmare to be over.” We initially got through that gauntlet fairly smooth. Had a few learning attempts on the boss, and then part of our group had to run back in since our rezzers were dead. During the down time, I had enough time to get and eat a bowl of ice cream, play with my UI, have multiple conversations, knit a sweater, paint my kitchen, and solve world hunger. “Let us come back and help you out.” “No, no,” came the reply, “we’ll make it back.” I’m the GM… I should have just pulled rank. Lol.

At any rate… we didn’t kill him, but we got 30 of the 40 eggs hatched. We’ll try again tonight.

p.s. Got my whole, new computer put together last night, and only then did I realize that the old power supplies are about 4 pins short for the mother board power cable. /sigh. Picked up another today, and I should be set for tonight.

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