Monday, July 30, 2007

Guild Professions

So, I was giving thought to all of the professions in World of Warcraft. There's not a lot of professions that benefit the guild as a whole. For example, there's not a lot a Blacksmith can do for a mage or warlock. Sure, they could make the Eternium Runed Blade, but that's a one-time thing, and then they're done. Tailors can make bags, but after everyone has 20-slot bags, there's not much more they can do. I'm being slightly flippant and over-simplifying, but I think you get the point. Furthermore, these few items can "easily" be bought through the trade channel or the Auction House.

But there are some professions that benefit everyone. Enchanting is one such profession. No matter what class, there's enchants that will help most of your armor. Yes, technically you can argue that Leatherworking can do the same, but that's just one small aspect of Leatherworking, and the rep "enchants" seem to take care of me just fine. Almost every time somebody gets a new shiny equipable item, they'll need it enchanted. So, what should be required of a Guild Enchanter? Accessibility would probably be a big thing, in my book. Because the enchants cannot take place through the mail or AH, you need somebody that will be online most of the time. You also need somebody that will be in instances (those BoP recipe enchants can be such a pain).

Jewelcrafters are very similar to enchanting in this fashion; and again, everyone can benefit from their end products. The one thing that makes them more accessible, is that gems can be sent through the mail. Reputation seems pretty important as well as it seems that there are a lot of recipes that are by reputation only.

At least on Bronzebeard, I can see where a Guild Alchemist (or two) would be huge. Get one specialized in Elixirs and one in Potions, and all of your potion making can be funneled through these two people. Unless I'm wrong, transmutes are still only 1 per day, so it doesn't make sense to funnel all guild transmutes through one person. Just like a specialized Tailor should in no way give up his extra primal mooncloth manufacturing over to whoever is next in line. But to have a chance to get free potions or elixirs... that's awesome!

Keep in mind that I'm not saying that other professions are useless. As a mage/tailor, I love my spellcloth set. Every profession has a lot of things that can benefit many people. I'm just pointing out the universal need for enchants, gems, and elixirs/potions.

What are your thoughts on Guild Professions?


DadGuy said...

Leatherworking is much more useful due to a variety of armor patches they have added in BC. Most professions that make items tend to be for the users themselves. Jewelcrafting and enchanting are the two that are purely supplemental -- they make nothing specific (generally) for the user, but something that everyone is interested in. Kind of "social" professions as it were.

As an example of what you are saying, Primogeniture doesn't have a leatherworking guild specialist. I'm not sure that that matters much in the scheme of things. Having a guild enchanter as you've said is a whole other ball of wax.

I just wish the guild enchanter was different than getting some random person to do the enchants. As it is now it's just more convenient to get ahold of the guild enchanter, other than that there's no difference.

Leiandra said...

I'm kinda talking in general, but yeah, I agree that Primogeniture needs to work some of these issues out. Worst case scenario, when the guild bank comes out (2.3?), we'll have to do something. heh.

Lichas said...

Tailoring used to be a 'social' prof until Blizzard made all the high end stuff BoP.

With Jewelcrafting and Enchanting the requirements are should we say a bit easier to come buy. Sure its costly to get Greater Planner Essences, Soul Dust, and Shards.

But these can be found in any instance where there is an enchanter and a piece of equip that no one can use.

Spellcloth, Shadowcloth, and Primal Mooncloth are a bit harder to come by, plus almost anything they make is BoP anyway.

You can apply the same to Blacksmithing, and ESPECIALLY to engineering where EVERYTHING is BoP.