Thursday, July 19, 2007

World of Motecraft

I've been had a skill of 375 enchanting for quite some time now. I have the pattern for the Runed Eternium Rod, but I haven't made it yet. I've got the Eternium Rod, the Greater Planar Essences, the Void Crystals, and of course, the old Runed Adamantite Rod. I just haven't brought myself to commit to the 4 x Primal Mights. Part of which was I was so consumed with making Spellcloth that all my farming of motes of fire seemed to gravitate to that. The supply of motes of fire (and subsequent Primal Fires) also hasn't been helped by the fact that my favorite spots to gather these have been extremely camped even at 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning. (They used to be deserted at that hour, and I could gather them quite easily. I blame all the kids out of school in the summer. lol. But I digressed.)

Farming, in and of itself, I really don't mind. In fact, the mind numbing pattern of killing things over and over is kinda relaxing to me in a way, as long as I'm progressing. For example, if I was out killing Raging Fire-Soul in hopes to get the Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min, I think I'd go raving mad before I ever got the drop. But if I was killing the same mobs for the motes of fire, I'd settle into a relaxing, euphoric state.

Here's where the other catch comes in though. It's especially apparent in places like Elemental Plateau (where the Raging Fire-Souls can be found). I hate it when I have to fight for spawns. There's some areas that can support multiple people farming at once. Respawn rates are so quick in those areas, that a wait of 10 seconds at one spawn point will guarantee a spawn. I have yet to find one of those areas for the motes of fire.

I also find myself getting so frustrated with certain classes over these mobs. Warlocks banish my mobs in the middle of my kills, just because they can. (Only the Horde has done this to me.) Hunters, who are already taking on 3 of these mobs, decide that they have to tag the one that I'm in the middle of a cast to tag. It really just brings out the worst in me.

Yes, yes, I pull some of these same tactics too to make sure I get credit for the kill. But honestly, only when I know that my "enemy" (being the other players) will do and has done it to me first. I've had a number of times that I've accidentally stolen a kill from a fellow Alliance player and given, or attempted to give, the acquired motes to the person I felt I had wronged. I trust that the other players I'm fighting alongside will be courteous, but I guess that's where I make the mistake.

So... with that tirade, maybe my tip today should be: When farming, be a jerk. lol. Okay, that's not really my point. I think there's a certain distancing that a lot of us do when we can't been seen, and allows us to be those jerks that we wouldn't normally be face-to-face. Think of all the road rage issues that arise because people are "protected" by these metal boxes that surround us as we're driving down the road. To an extent, aren't we in the same protected state with our computers and the Internet surrounding us in this cocoon of anonymity? But we still co-exist in Wow with these people. They may eventually join your guild or your 5-man group. So, this message goes out to all those people who may have stolen my kills. It goes out as an apology to
those that I may have offended by accidentally stealing theirs. But bottom line: Be Nice.


Elinor said...

I know who you are and where you live. lol

Anonymous said...

3 things necessary for farming:

* Fritos
* A good playlist
* Farming marco (this was viable until I respeced =( now my felguard is gone and I don't know if the marco will work with a blueberry).

I totally get the meditative state while farming, its usually not an issue until I've killed 10 or 15 mobs and not a mote to be had.

Water elementals are usually the best since I have underwater breathing and theres not much competition, fire is the worst and thats where I usually get the road rage.

DadGuy said...

Someday you will listen to me and farm for motes of fire in blade's edge, up near the netherstorm bridge. I've done a bunch of that with aridhol and it's tons better over there than trying to fight spawns. It can sustain 3-4 people farming fire easily.

Leiandra said...

Actually... the idea for this tirade/blog came when I was in Blade's Edge yesterday farming motes of fire in the spot I believe I first showed you. :P

So, I either fight spawn rates/camped in Nagrand, or drop rates/camped in Blade's Edge. Either way, I come out about the same. The differences are, if Nagrand isn't camped, I can get a ton more, but in Blade's Edge, I get Basilisk Meat and cloth from the imps.

Also, I generally encounter more hunters in Blade's Edge and mages/warlocks in Nagrand. If there's hunters up at Elemental Plateau killing the fire elementals, it's usually only because they ran out of the air elementals on the other side of the hill.

SushiBoy said...

Farming motes suxorz.