Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Zul'Aman

If you head on over to the Warcry network, they have some more details from E3 about the next new instance of Zul'Aman. The article goes into more details, but there will be Bear, Lynx, Eagle, and Dragonhawk boss. Much like Zul'Gurub, you can access any of these bosses from the beginning. Each of these four bosses should take about 45 minutes to an hour for a good group, and then the last 2 encounters must be done at once.

There will be no reputation associated with Zul'Aman, but the faster you finish the bosses, the better loot you get. Blizzard also sees this becoming somewhat of a competitive sport. Also on loot, they're going to move more towards logical loot. Basically... "players can expect creatures to drop things that one would expect. If that bad guy is holding a big, shiny axe, then odds are his loot is a big shiny axe." Makes sense, but not really earth shattering to me. Who doesn't look at loot tables? lol.

Voice Chat is once again confirmed for patch 2.2. That was also confirmed on the PTR forums as well. One thing that might be fun is that Blizzard would eventually like to be able to put in
voice fonts (distortion that makes the user's voice sound a bit like the creature they're playing). That could be neat, but I've kinda grown accustomed to most of the voices in my guild... that might be a pain to get used to the "new" voices.

Last thing: Guild banks will be coming the future. The GM will be able to set permissions on each bag so that different ranks in the guild will be able to access different levels of bags. Just helps assure that the new guy doesn't steal all the BOE purples you've got laying around.

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