Monday, July 23, 2007

Terestian Illhoof

We had a bunch of our higher DPS folks out this weekend, but we went after Terestian Illhoof. To cut to the chase, we did not down him, but we learned a lot. And our second to last attempt we got him down to about 10%. The imps that spawn out of the portals can easily overtake you if you're not constantly paying attention to them. We had a warlock spam Seed of Corruption which would take most of them out, but every once and a while, me or the other mage had to use some additional AoE to keep them in check.

At least the run isn't bad. Running back from the graveyard to attempt The Curator or Shade of Aran is really a pain in the butt. However, once you kill Shade, you can get teleported into Shade's room from the doorman, then take a quick jaunt to any of the remaining bosses. Nobody likes a wipe, but a wipe with a long walk is just painful.

In the fight with Illhoof, he will randomly sacrifice a player. The sacrificed player will be transported to the middle of the room and have Demonic Chains placed on him. The chains will do substantial damage every second, which means that the healers have to keep the person alive, and the DPS has to kill the chains ASAP. And for most of the DPS, they then have to quickly retarget Illhoof in order to burn him down as quick as possible. Most of the strategy sites talked about created a macro like this: "/tar Demonic Chains". That was nice to be able to DPS the chains quickly, but then I thought it was a pain to retarget Illhoof. So, while waiting for mana and in between deaths, I created this:

/tar [button:2] Terestian Illhoof; Demonic Chains

This macro gives you some options. If you left-click it (which I tend to spam once I see Illhoof casting sacrifice), it will target the Demonic Chains. Once the Demonic Chains are gone or if you lost Illhoof as the target for any reason, you can right-click the macro, and it will target Illhoof again. Granted, I know it didn't actually get us that last 10% that we needed, but most of my group thought it was a pretty good addition.

We'll see what we can do to take down a few punk bosses tonight.

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