Friday, July 13, 2007

Curator... Easy Mode

I don't think I mentioned it, but we've added a few more recruits to our ranks. We're now running two groups to Karazhan each week. Friday nights are great because everyone's on and wants to play. Hence, why we needed to do two groups so we don't have a bunch of people sitting out each week. During the week, we've had to PUG a few people, but I think it's worked out really well in getting some new, high quality recruits as well.

The main part of the huge need to run two groups came from an influx of about 5 new players that all wanted to join our guild at once. Most of them have a lot (if not all) of their Karazhan gear, but like the time we play. We've known some of them from previous guilds as well. Overall, they've been a great asset so far, and we expect to be able to do many wonderful things with all of them.
That said, it's a kind of paradigm shift for me. I went from being number 1 or 2 on top of the damage meters to 5th. (I imagine I would have been 6th had the pally been doing damage. lol.) I'm completely okay with it. It's not like I have this ego trip that I have to be on top. Most important to me is that we're succeeding, and we are.

At any rate, the main point of this post is more of bragging rights with our new members in the guild. The main damage phase to the Curator is when he evocates and takes something like 250% damage. I had a Fire Blast that did 5339 damage for goodness sake. Well with me being on the top of the damage meters, we'd usually have the Curator down about 25% after each evocation; so, it would take us about 4 evocates to kill him. With me being number 5 on the damage meters, we took him down in 2 evocates. 50% damage on each evocate. Yeah... that's a lot of damage.

I have a feeling that we'll have fun storming the castle tonight.


DadGuy said...

Keep in mind that there were 3 people beating on curator pretty well constantly, that accounted for probably 30% or more of his overall health outside of the evocates. (I am sure thell and solidad did most of that over me... yep, though this is both fights, of which I hit him not at all the first fight: That constant damage more than anything helped us pull it off. Totally different fight when run that way.

You need to stop screwing around and you will be higher on the damage meters. I know you have the gear for it. =)

Oh and to be nit-picky... the late raid has done well, it sounds like the early raid has had much more of a struggle. Last night they had 50% pickup people.

We definitely have gotten some good recruits out of this as well. And it's been quite fun!

Leiandra said...

Honestly though, I'd be surprised if both groups weren't full tonight with non-PUGs. Friday night everyone comes out of the woodworks. heh.

Gnico said...

The new recruits are doing great and that addon that trodar uses to track all the damage stats is sweet!
That said, it's too bad the early raid cancelled 2 out of 3 of the nights I was able to make it (I think unable to pug a tank both times). For the first week of consistently trying to field two full raid groups I think it was a moderate success though . . . the guild is getting big enough we ought to be able to do it.
Also, I can't go tonite so I'm figuring it won't cancel lol.