Friday, July 20, 2007

Sacrificial Rogue

Today's blog goes out to a rogue in our guild named Solidad. As you probably saw in my post about the Curator, he's one of our highest, if not the highest, DPSer. Last night we took down Shade of Aran, but just barely. Hey, don't get me wrong. A kill is a kill. But we did one-shot him, so that's a great sign as well.

At any rate, we got him down pretty far. We had two warlocks that dealt with the 4 elementals. Everything was going well. We did, however, get sheeped. And a few of us died shortly after the mass pyroblast. And when I say "a few" it basically got down to about 3 people. So, this is where the story gets good.

Shade's health was down to 3%. All of our healers had been dead for a bit now. Elementals were gone. All DPS (all 3 of them) was on Shade. Then Shade decides to do his suck in, slow, Arcane Explosion thing. Davecrocket and Thellonious (I think that was who was left alive) ran out, but Solidad was determined to get him down before another round of random attacks erupted from Shades hands. It kinda turned into a sacrificial thing though. He got him down to 1% before the Arcane Explosion went off, killing him. He had used Cloak of Shadows, but he must have used it a bit too early (or that 10% possibility of not resisting kicked in). To cheers from everyone, Thellonious and Davecrocket finished him off, and we had our second defeat of the Shade of Aran.

Close calls... you gotta love them.

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