Friday, July 6, 2007

Tragedy for Romulo and Julianne

I really need to remember to take screen shots. I'll put that on my to do list. But last night we took down Romulo and Julianne, which means that we've not successfully defeated all of the bosses for the Opera event. Having done all of them, I'd say my favorite is the Big Bad Wolf. It's just a lot of fun to run around with the Little Red Riding Hood debuff on, providing you with the increased speed and being chased by a Big Bad Wolf. But I digressed.

For a quick summary of what happens... you kill Julianne, then you kill Romulo, then you kill them both together. Oh, and they have to die within about 10 seconds of each other. Again, see BossKillers for a more in depth explanation. The trickiest parts seem to be at the transitions. Yes, you need to keep vigilant to get rid of both of their buffs, and Julianne's heals must be stopped, but the transitions is where we seem to have the issue.

On our first attempt last night, we seemed to have everything going well at first. Killed one, then the other, and then they both came up. DPS was split between the two, we shifted focus when one had lost more health than the other. And at one point, Romulo needed more DPS, so we focused on him. Well... we lost focus on Julianne, she got off a heal. Meanwhile we killed Romulo, but there was no way we could kill Julianne once she got off the heals, so it ultimately meant a wipe for our party.

The second time was just like clockwork. We easily took them both down. And it made my night when Romulo dropped the Trial-Fire Trousers, and I won. It was a pretty big upgrade over my Incanter's Trousers. But since I had the spell thread on my old ones, I couldn't use them yet. I got the mats, and I'll get the thread on the new ones tonight.

Next it was off to Curator. After one failed attempt, we had him down to about 25%. Everyone had health. Everyone had mana. It was going to be an easy victory. Then our main tank disconnected. Well, the Curator went through and smacked down everyone at that point. I'm pretty sure the DC was the cause of the first failed attempt as well, we just weren't as close to killing the Curator. So, we politely moved him out of the party, got somebody else in, and then took him down on the first try with the new group.

We'll venture in a bit further tonight and see what fate brings us.

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Lichas said...

Dang nice pants, one day I too will have a pair.