Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I had to create a whole different label for this post because I had so much fun doing it. Yes, we ran Karazhan last night, but it was the beginning bosses. Do you really want me to write about that?

So, after the raid, I went and goofed off with my friend, Justicar. We headed out to Eastern Plaguelands to 2-man parts of Stratholme. On our way over, we exacted some of my revenge on the Crimson Courier and his Crimson Bodyguards. (After all the times they got me, you can bet they'll die a lot more when I'm up near EPL in the future.) It's amazing how easy Stratholme has become at level 70. 45-minute Baron run, you say? I'm guessing that we could do it in about 15 without even trying much. We accidentally pulled a few groups at once and laughed at how relatively easy it was to shew away the gnats.

Then I suggested we go check out the new instance in the Ghostlands. Of course the portal to the instance is blocked, this time by a huge wooden door as you can see in the picture. But you can see the swirly green just to the edge of the door.

The area around it is quite beautiful. There's some design touches of a Zul'Gurub type area in STV, which makes sense being that the trolls will inhabit this one as well. There's various towers that you can climb on. And while it is completely deserted of mobs atm, I assume that once patch 2.3 (or whenever Zul'Aman is released) comes out, there will be a few more inhabitants here. There's also two wide waterfalls as you walk up the path to Zul'Aman. I know I'm a sucker for waterscapes, especially rivers, steams, and/or waterfalls, but I thought this looked really, really cool.

There's a summoning stone on the path up to the instance, that got me thinking about how easy it would be for Alliance players to raid Silvermoon City after getting summoned up to Zul'Aman. It also got me wondering how Alliance players will get to Zul'Aman. If flying up to EPL and riding the mount all the way up is the answer, just shoot me now. Maybe I'll have a permanent alt sit up at that meeting stone. lol.

I find it intriguing how the instance portals of unopened instances are closed off. There's obviously the one here at Zul'Aman. There's one in southern Wintersprings that I assume leads to Hyjal, but not the Caverns of Time variety. There's one in Stormwind between the Trade District and Old Town. And I believe there's one in Tanaris at Ulman? (Hmm.. help me out with the name of that one.) Anyone know of any other currently sealed off instance portals? If not... it may be time for me to do more exploring after raids. heh.


Lichas said...

The one in Tanaris is called Uldum (from the extension quest of Uldaman fame).

The one in Winterspring is indeed to Hyjal and from what I understand there is a stuck bug can get you into Hyjal.

At one time I understood they were going to open up the Stromwind zone into an instance called 'The Sewer' and was to be a Ragefire Chasm like instance.

I am wondering if there is a death bug that can get you into Zul'Aman sort of like the death bug for Old Ironforge and Caverns of Time.

DadGuy said...

There is one up in azshara I believe, guarded by the timbermaw. There is a big door in southshore near the border of silverpine forest, just to the south. There's one of those in sunken temple. I think the green portal in stratholme is naxx. I think there are a couple others, but that's what I can think of off the top of my head.