Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zul'Aman, Voice-Chat, and Guild Banks

Wow Insider just got a sneak preview of Zul'Aman from E3. Basically, it's a 10-man instance that's probably on the level of UBRS was, but with an outdoor feel like Zul'Gurub. In fact, much like Zul'Gurub, you pretty much need to kill the "lesser" bosses before you have to kill Zul'jin (think Hakkar).

But really exciting part for me is that before Zul'Aman, there will be a minor patch (or two) that will include Voice Chat and Guild Banks. Ventrilo and TeamSpeak work pretty well from my point of view, so that's not a huge benefit for the Voice Chat. There is something that's added to the interface to show you who is talking; that will be nice. And maybe more importantly, nobody has to say, "Who's not on Vent?" lol.

I'm mostly excited about the Guild Bank. I'm not even really sure why. Is it that it will be the only bank that you can actually store money? Maybe. I guess I've always been disappointed about what guilds are in Wow. This at least brings a little bit of something official to guilds. Where up to this point, it's been somebody's spare toon that's acted as a guild bank, there will now be something official. Will it keep people from leaving guilds? Absolutely not, but I still just like the idea. This wasn't available at launch for Everquest 2 either, but when I logged in for 10 free days about a year ago, it was neat to see all the things my now defunct guild had amassed.

So, no more having to wait for that guild bank person to be online. Have the guild pick up your repairs. Oh, and no more having to alt-tab to see who's speaking.

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DadGuy said...

You know we really need to lay down some rules for primo's guild bank.

As far sa I am concerned it's a giant black hole that many things I send in don't ever come out. Not really sure what benefit to myself (or the guild in general) there is.