Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BUGGED!!! and Illhoof down

Prince Malchezaar isn't an extremely bad dude. In fact, if the Infernals weren't landing all over the place, he'd probably be quite easy. But he does become substantially more difficult if you only have 8 people to take him down. Last night we discovered a few things. So much so, that I could almost put the label as Beginning Tips. So, in case you didn't know...
  • If you don't kill all the bosses in Karazhan, things respawn. Be careful as you move towards a boss you have not yet downed this week.
  • I suppose this goes for any boss that has a door.If you start a game of chess, you have to finish it. During the chess game, everyone gets a permanent debuff where no spells or attacks of any kind can be used.
  • When Prince Malchezaar is engaged, make sure you're on the correct side of the door. It will close, and you can be locked out.
  • Sometimes GM's are helpful and funny, sometimes they are not.
We started out the night having a few members believe that everything was clear from Shade's room (where we could now be teleported) to the Chess Event. Imagine their surprise when they ran into that first room only to get ambushed by a Sorcerous Shade or two.

On our way to Prince, one of our members thought it would be fun to talk with Warchief Blackhand since our usual experiences only let us speak with King Llane. He did so, and unintentionally started another game of chess. With our full raid buffs, I don't think that anyone really noticed that we were all silenced to both spells and normal attacks. So, we made the next pull and quickly found our mistake. Corpse run. Killed King Llane (had to be different that normal). Then we proceeded as normal.

Got out to Netherspace where Prince hangs out. Explained the fight and our strategy, and then we moved in to engage. Well, our two warlocks didn't realize that we were starting, and were on the wrong side of the door when it closed, leaving us with only 8 people to fight Prince. We figured it would probably result in a wipe, but surprisingly did quite well even with the deficit. Corpse run. Raid buff. Engage.... what? I said "Engage!" Turns out we successfully bugged Prince so that we could not attack him ("Invalid Target") or even body pull him. So... we went on to the next boss.

Meanwhile, I had opened a ticket for a GM in the hopes that they could somehow help us with our plight with Prince. We were about to start fighting with Netherspite when he contacted me. There was mostly nothing he could do about Prince. He said that we could soft reset the instance (exit the instance for 45 minutes) and that should take care of it. It was late, the instance was to reset the next morning, and I don't think we still would have had 10 people if we had said, "Okay, everyone. Take a 45-minute break." It's just a shame that the GM's don't have more power when it comes to something like this.

We did leave on a positive note though. We had one warlock go grab her fire resist gear, and killed two pulls to get to Illhoof's room. With the warlock in 205 fire resist, it was a relatively easy fight. The first time we attempted it, we missed a small part of the explanation that didn't bode well for the fight. Corpse run. Raid buff. Explained further. Downed him quite simply. So, there's one more notch on our belts. We had a Breastplate of the Lightbringer and Fool's Bane drop.

Today's the reset, so we'll start all the fun times again tonight.

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