Monday, November 10, 2008

Tailoring in Wrath (375-385)

I'm still a little unsure about the direction of Tailoring in Wrath. From the Verimonde's post, it looks like we won't have any Bop tailored epic items, and I kind of disagree. I liked the fact that I could make my own gear. I hit 375 tailoring and crafted my first 3 epic items. Heck, it's practically payback for all the mats I dumped in there. I understand the direction they're going, but I don't necessarily agree with it. There's always going to be min/max people. And you'll always have people changing professions just so they can get that one special thing. Sigh... oh well. What can you do?

So, I'm not really finding a huge push to hit 450 at the moment. But I'm still planning things out as if I were. I guess the worst case scenario, I'd like to start making some type of cloth sooner rather than later to get my gear and maybe make some money off of Tailoring. So, I started looking at the recipies I'll be using.

First off, I have enough Outlands materials that I'll probably be using some of those first. It'll push me ahead about 10 points or so. So, here's what I have:
  • 375-380 Arcanoweave Robes. At about 300 Netherweave Cloth, 100 Arcane Dust and 10 Rune Thread, it will be a tad expensive, but since those items aren't selling much on the AH anyway... might as well use them up. Hopefully I can sell some of the shards to leveling enchanters.
  • 380-381 Spellfire Bag. I'm not 100% sure I'll do this one. I'm guessing not, but was just a thought I had, so I figured I'd put it down. I never made the largest (as of TBC) enchanting bag, so I figured I'd make 1 to get the point from it. Not really sure why I'd want to since I can make the Mysterious Bag at 440, so I'll probably scrap this idea.
  • 381-385 Golden Spellthread. This might be a tad expensive, so I may pass on it, but it uses "old world" mats. It really just depends how cheap (or expensive) Frostweave Cloth becomes. I may just do 5 (or 6, depending if they all skill up) Frostwoven Robes. That will be 100 (or 120) cloth. Yeah, breaking it down like that, I may do the Spellthread option. Again.. we'll see what the AH does come Thursday.


Elinor said...

WoW, 4 posts in one day. You need to take more days off. :-)

Leiandra said...

lol. Yeah, I'm kind of unmotivated to do actual work atm. I mean, I'm doing it, but certainly not as strong as usual. A workday after a weekend along with a holiday the next day? It's like a double whammy. Why'd I bother coming in? Oh yeah.. I get paid for this stuff. lol.

Michael said...

For me, having the mats for a spell-fire bag (or two) and a couple epic spellthreads isn't hard. Since the items will be useful in the near-future, both for bank-space and for enchanting the new pant-based upgrades we'll soon be getting, I'd say its worth it.

Leiandra said...

It really depends on AH prices in Wrath. I'm guessing that the threads will be almost worthless. When Azure Spellthread has the same effect for far less farming (3 drops instead of 101 (10 mote of Life x 10 Primals needed + 1 Primal Nether)), I can't imagine anyone wanting the old thread unless it's priced the same as the new one. So yeah.. I'll have to hand those out to guildies or something. lol.

The Spellfire Bag.. well... I just don't generally need that many mats. And the rest I store in the guild vault. I did make a really big herb bag for my herbalist though. He always has space issues.

Jimbo said...

Hey, hand some spellthreads out to me! LOL.

I don't think you'll have trouble getting the next level of cloth. I bet it's pretty much kill humanoids, so just choose your dungeons/questing that has you killing humanoids. (You might have to kill the right level range example: 76-80) I'm guessing that old world mats, like primal life, will become super rare. Nobody will want to farm them because there will be some other pattern you can make to help you level. That's just my guess though. (You wouldn't want me to actually do research to back up my guesses would you? :)

Anyways, I'm tired of Min/Maxing as you put it. I think I'll stick with engineering(Hopefully another epic crafted helm)/mining(gotta love free stam) this time around.

Leiandra said...

The cloth actually drops off of mobs as soon as you walk into Northrend. The issue is amassing enough to be able to skill up. Sure, I could grind it, but who wants to do that if I can buy it? But then who wants to waste all of their money?

Again, it really all depends on how much people are going to post it on the AH. I imagine the demand will be high for awhile. (Not near as high and inflated as it was on Beta, but still.)

And yes, if you need some spell threads, I'm sure I can help you out.

Elinor said...

Don't tailors get some sort of skill that they get better cloth drops off mobs? I thought I read that somewhere, but maybe that is just a myth?

Leiandra said...

You're right, Elinor. We get Northern Cloth Scavenging. So, yes it will help since we need cloth for First Aid and Tailoring, but just like all professions, you'll still need a lot.