Monday, November 3, 2008

My Wife, the Hallowed

I don't recall how many times I headed over to Scarlet Monastery over these past 2 weeks or so, but I can tell you that I did not get a Squashy Pet or one of the Pumpkin Heads for the achievement, but I did do practically everything else. And as far as getting those drops from Trick or Treating... well... let's just say that I got tricked to many times that it wasn't even funny anymore. Never did I get a toothpick or any of the other BoP drops needed for those two achievements.

My wife, however was lucky enough to get all of them. And after having me grab the candy bags over all of Kalimdor and Outlands for her, and persuading her to do some Pvp for the 50 H.K.'s (I was going to have to do it for her), she got all of the Halloween achievements. Well... all except the mask which is supposed to be patched out as a requirement from what I hear.

But it's nice to have her "excited" about something in Wow. She enjoys the game. She enjoys hanging out with me. But when we get online the response to "What do you want to do?" is usually "Whatever." So, she's now taking the next step to becoming even more of a Wow nerd... I may actually get her to research something for her toon soon. lol.

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