Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath Has Landed

Well, in case you were in a coma, you know now that Wrath of the Lich King went live on the realms last night. Here's the play-by-play of my evening.

  • I went to bed shortly after I put the kids to bed at 7. (Yep, my kids get their sleep... at least for a little while longer.)
  • Woke up at 11:30 to head over to Gamestop.
  • The line was kind of a mess, and I had to wait in two lines because I didn't have my "final" receipt, even though my wife had already prepaid for both copies in full.
  • Left Gamestop at about 12:30.
  • Was home, upgraded and installed by about 1.
  • Logged off of Wow at 4:45 to shower and get ready for work.
At about 3:45 or so, I asked in guild chat if I should take another nap, or just keep playing. The response was kind of like "duh!" So, I kept playing.

The funny part is, that I've almost done as much on live as I did in Beta with Leiandra. Even ran the the first instance (which is something I always planned to get around to, but never did). She's about 1/2-way through 70.

When I logged off, we had one person that had hit 71; he was the 13th person (by my count) on our server. There were even a couple 72's on our server. Armory isn't exactly accurate... that's too bad. When I click on the person that's 71, it shows him as 71. But in the guild roster, it still shows him as 70. So, not sure when that will update. And who knows.. maybe we have more 71's. :)

At any rate... If you don't have it, go buy Wrath. If you have it... well... what are you doing ready my blog when you can be playing? Your excuse better be like mine: I'm stuck at work.


Herc said...

I'm blogging cause I'm stuck at work! /cry

Leiandra said...

Let me hear you, my cubicle brother!!!

Herc said...

Aarrggghhhh. During lunch time I check and there were 4 of my guildmates who hit 72.

Leiandra said...

It's okay. They still have to wait for you to hit 80 so you can tank for them. lol.