Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leiandra, Hand of A'dal

I think that amazes me the most about the nerf to all the raid bosses and post 3.0 patch is the amount of time it now takes to down bosses. (This is all pre-Wrath stuff obviously.) Raids that used to take days now seem to take mere minutes.

A perfect example is Al'ar last night. He didn't even need to go up in the air in phase 1. We killed him before he left the 4th platform. And then in phase 2 we only had 2 mages killing the adds, we used to have 4. So, since I was focusing on the adds, when one suddenly disappeared, I though maybe the fight got bugged out somehow. But nope.. it was just that Al'ar was dead in something like 3 minutes.

We did run on up and poke Kael with a stick or two as well. Same basic story as our Lady Vashj fight. We killed Kael on our second attempt, which is really good considering how quickly I ran through the explanation (for those that had never read or seen it, and a general "this is how we'll do it" thing). Again, I'm 100% sure that we could have done this pre-nerf had we had enough attempts and people online. Oh well. What's done is done.

Tonight we'll see if we can't clear Mt. Hyjal. Who knows? lol.

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