Friday, November 14, 2008

The Bossy Quest Leader

So, apparently I've become bossy when I play Wow with my wife. I guess it made sense when we were leveling through and up to 70 because I generally knew the quests and where to go next. After our adventures in Beta and her liberating revelation that all these Wrath quests are new to me, she wants to be more independent and not follow me around like a lemming. Okay, I can completely understand that. Furthermore, I actually like the idea that she thinks like that. To me, it's that she's getting into the game more, and not just playing because I play.

So, yesterday morning when I was playing, I did all of the quests in the first couple areas in Howling Ford. Then last night, when my wife played for the first time post release, we decided that we'd run through Utgarde Keep. I couldn't remember how many quests into the chain it was until you got the quest for some guys head and steal some weapons from Utgarde. So, I helped her do the first few quests en route to those two quests. I kept saying "go here", and "where are you going" and "just get all the quests quick." Yeah, well... my ex-lemming didn't like that too much. I got the group together to run UK pretty quick, so she didn't even get the quests she needed. (No huge loss... just means we run it again.)

I think she may have been relieved when I wanted to keep questing on Leiandra to hit 71, leaving her to complete the quests I had already done on her own. I completely understand where she's coming from. I have friends that will do quests so fast I didn't even have time to read the quest text (which I generally enjoy doing). So, I just have to remember to stop being so bossy, let her do things at her pace, and generally enjoy the ride, not just rush to 80 ASAP.

On that note... Lightning Infused Relics was a fun quest that starts with Walt at the Explorers' League Outpost. It's like you get to be Iron Man. lol.

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Ess said...

Hehe, oh man, I know how this goes. The first time I gave my husband the tour of the Isle of Quel'Danas dailies, he got really frustrated with me. I was moving too fast, not explaining things well, trying to grab everything (don't know about your server, but on ours, if you didn't ninja some kills, you weren't going to get the dailies done), and getting frustrated with him if he strayed too far from me. I finally had to just relax and let him lead if we were going to do dailies together. After a few weeks, he was approaching them just as aggressively as I was, it just took a while.

Sometimes we play really well together, but much of the time, we're better off just playing side by side and chatting about what we're doing. We may eventually level some characters through Northrend together, but not right away. :)