Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Epics

Yesterday was kind of a huge debacle for Blizzard. It was the kind of blunder we haven't seen in a long, long time. I have no clue what is done in (mostly) weekly maintenance, but sometimes, it's just full of fail, isn't it?

In case you forgot to log on yesterday, well... you probably didn't miss much. First of all, the servers were down pretty much all day. I think they finally came up about 9 o'clock, which is only 10 hours after they said they would be back online. When they did come back up, the in-game mail was all messed up, I didn't have a single thing in my mailbox (which I had a few things in there (mostly expired auctions), except a note from Blizzard telling me that there's an issue and they're working on it.

And then there were the Arena gear vendors that were selling gear for some classes for free. Nothing that I saw for a mage, but my priest got epic'ed out. Then again, I really don't expect him to still have those items once I log back in with him. He obviously didn't earn them, so I'm sure Blizzard will fix it so that he doesn't look way cooler than he actually is. lol.

Then there's posts on various web sites that are claiming that this would be considered an exploit and you can get banned for it. Oh, come on? Seriously? From the amount of people that were in SW on my server alone, multiplied by all the servers... and with an expansion about to hit where people haven't bought it yet? Yeah... I can't imagine a mass-banning like that. Or even a mass suspension. Especially for their mistake, that would be a horrible business decision in my opinion.

So, we didn't put the raid together, and that means I got a bit more sleep than usual. Also helped since I was doing a bunch of stuff on the "Honey Do" list, so I was a little tired. My wife said, "I have to get all the work out of you now since I know you'll be useless to me after Thursday." I opened my mouth to argue, but laughter came out since I know she's right.

I plan on zero progression tonight. My plan is to head to bed as soon as the kids go to sleep, wake up with enough time to get in line and purchase the x-pac at midnight. And then play until I have to leave for work, or have to fall asleep again, whichever comes first. The plan is that that will get me out of the starting areas when the bulk of the traffic hits on Thursday night. I'll probably be playing with my Austrialian and New Zealand brothern. lol.

So, if I don't post tomorrow... somebody call me. I probably fell asleep on my keyboard at work.

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