Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Black Temple Progression

We didn't feel like we had the right mix for a good Mount Hyjal run last night. So, what did Primogeniture do? We went into Black Temple instead. lol.

Yeah, seems kind of backwards, but the logic was: we really don't have our strongest group, nor do we even have 25 online that are able to raid. We had waited around for some time in hopes to get more people online, but were starting to get too late for others. So, at 9, we put it to a vote in the guild, and decided to see if we could down Najentus with our highly melee group. 1-shotted him without any problems.

Walked over to Supremus (accidentally pulling multiple groups at times and having to Aoe them down), and killed him in one attempt.

It was then getting late, but we pressed on to Shade of Akama. The trash right before Shade of Akama is a bit stronger, and our accidental multi-pulls caused a few near wipes (go go Soul Stone). It was getting late, so once we cleared out the room, we thought we'd give Shade one try. Yeah... that encounter didn't last long either.

So, here we are on a Tuesday having killed all the bosses we've ever killed in Black Temple. To be honest, I'm not even sure where I need to go for the next boss. Guess we have some research to do before tonight's raid. lol.

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Honors Code said...

Once you get 'upstairs' you can go in just about any order you want through Akama, Bloodboil, Teron Gorefiend, and Reliquary of Souls. All those must be down before the door to Mother Sharaz will open.

Bloodboil, Teron and RoS are all pretty easy, but require a bit of coordination to do well.

Best of luck to you!!