Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I know Blizzard implemented this like almost a year ago (or so it seems), but I'm really glad that things sparkle when there's loot AND when there's a quest item to collect. Last night in my first few quests in Dragonblight, I was instructed to go blow up a mine. And I noticed that there's now sparkles where you're supposed to use the item (in this case, a bomb).

So, while I am grateful for the sparkles, they're also a bane to me. I guess for somebody that can be so focused when raiding, I sometimes get a little distracted when questing. "Ok, I'm gonna go do this quest over.... hey, what's this?"

What's also funny is that in a raid, I almost never loot anything. Sure, I've probably walked over a small fortune in gray items, but I'm just too focused on the next boss, or the next strategy, or making sure everybody's having a good time, etc.

But overall... Blizzard? Thank you for the sparkles.

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