Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mother Shahraz Down

Just as an update for those that care... Primogeniture took down Mother Shahraz last night. Full shadow resist gear is not needed, but we did have a lot of it. Because of the Fatal Attraction, 1-3 people get ported around and then have to run away from each other. That's what makes that fight a semi-complicated dance. There's not much time to react, and you have to do it quick.

Kind of makes me think of high school (or at least movies) where the cool kids have to dance off in the center of everybody else. Only difference here is, the cool kids are just any random group of up to 3 from the raid. lol

Took a shot at Illidari Council, but in the 10 minutes or so we had, we didn't have a chance to make much progress. Oh well... we'll come back "soon" just for the fun of it and smack them all around.

We'll see what we can do to clear Mount Hyjal tonight. :)

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