Monday, November 10, 2008

Slight Wall

Alright.. last post of the day for now. And since my company has Veterans Day off tomorrow... don't expect any posts tomorrow.

Last night we continued pushing forward into Black Temple. With a more solid and better explained explanation on Reliquary of Souls, we cleared that boss in one attempt. So, not bad at all.

After that, we hit a slight wall named Mother Shahraz. Now, pre 3.0.2 there is no way we would have tried her. We still don't have all the Hearts of Darkness to craft the full Shadow Resist gear for a raid. So, we only have a few that happen to be Shadow Resist capped. But we've heard that it is possible to do without the Shadow Resist gear now that the hit points are less and we're doing more damage.

We tried a couple different strategies and got close (a couple attempts at 20%, I believe), but she's still alive. Healers not being able to heal while thrown up in the air is one of the many challenges we're facing. Had we had a few more priests with CoH, we probably would have been able to do it. So, we'll see what we can do tonight.

Worst case scenario: we give it a couple of tries and then we don't take her down. Hey... how many people (as a percent of total wow players) have actually gotten to see all the stuff we have anyway? I'm very impressed with the group we have, they all make a solid effort (despite our gear in this case). So, if we don't take her down, we'll just come back at 80 to clear it before the next expansion. :)

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