Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please Don't Silence The Voices In My Head

I don't recall if I ever addressed it or not, but... awhile ago, I was accused of using this blog and taking all the glory for my guild and everything we do. Let me assure you that this is so not the case. Generally, I'll make the subtle distinction between "I have" done something vs. what "Primogeniture has" done. There's sometimes that I use "we" when I was involved in taking down a boss, but another one of the raid leaders was the one leading it.

I kind of morph the two together for two reasons. First, it's just easier to for me to lump everything together. It's also a group effort, so "we" is very valid. I don't think I've ever seen a raid leader be on top of progression without at least 24 other people supporting him/her.

The second reason is that our guild is kind of private to me. Yes, this is a public Internet site where I happen to talk about our guild, but I don't want to give people attention especially if I don't talk to them about it first. "Hey DruidA is the best druid on the entire server," could also lead to DruidA being recruited by other guilds. I'm less concerned about people leaving, because I think guildies generally enjoy being part of our group. I'm more concerned about privacy, security, and people not necessarily wanting their name or their toons name out on the Internet (despite the transperency due to the Armory).

Call me crazy, but that's the way my mind thinks. --But-- that's more or less the background.

Today, I simply want to thank the voices in my head. You know who you are. You're the other officers that remind me to explain a certain point of a fight. You're the druid that looked up Wowwiki while we were wipe recovering to see if there was anything else we could try, and whispers me with suggestions. You're the normal Joe Member that suggests (via whispers) that we position the boss in an alternative spot. You're the member that keeps me sane when guild-wide drama unfolds. You're the one that pm's me letting me know what a great job you think I'm doing, even though I just got a tongue lashing from another officer. You've got the toon that will respec, for the 100th time, without ever having complained about it even once. You're the person that took the time to talk through an issue with a memeber and resolve the issue without me even having known about it. And even though this is a game, you're the person I love working with.

To all those people, I would like to say Thank You. I seriously couldn't do it without you, nor would I want to. So while I haven't mentioned names, and I've certainly only paraphrased just a few of the many examples... I simply want to say Thank You.

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