Friday, November 14, 2008

Revenge of the Queue

Before The Burning Crusades came out, and before Blizzard did a whole bunch of upgrades to their hardware for said expansion, Bronzebeard had queues. For somebody logging on about 8 o'clock, it was just a fact of life. Queues would generally be in the 800-900 range. And now? They're back. Logging in last night, I was exactly number 900. So, I figured I'd sit down and share some tips of how you can log in to Wow these days.
  1. As soon as you get home from work/school, first launch the game and get in the queue. This is an important step. Do it.
  2. Go fix yourself a nice meal. Health is important; you need to take care of yourself. Nothing too fancy, a 5-course meal should do it.
  3. While it's in the oven, go exercise. Again, you want to take care of that flab. :)
  4. Take a shower and get into comfy clothes.
  5. Eat said dinner.
  6. Build yourself a second (, third, fourth, or fifth) computer. If you don't "need it", build a web site so that you can start selling them to other people.
  7. Take care of your yard. Water the grass. You may even have to mow the lawn (might want to do this before you shower). Take some time to watch the grass grow.
  8. Watch the stars and sky, and observe the patterns in order to determine future weather cycles.
  9. Determine next steps in obtaining World Peace. Create appropriate memos to world leaders to set this plan in to place.
  10. By this time, you should probably be in about the top 10 for the queue. Go ahead and wait, and then log in to play.
There. See? It really wasn't that bad. And look at how productive we've all become. Maybe I should have made the top 10 things you can do while waiting for the queue. lol. But with a little bit of planning, it's really not all that bad. I think it took about an hour. I'm sure they'll die down eventually. So, what other servers had some pretty hefty queues?

On another note: I did some of the beginning quests with my wife on her toon, and there wasn't any lag, and the huge population/race/ninja issue I expected for the quests really wasn't that bad. So, all in all... good job, Blizzard.


Darraxus said...

The queue last night on my server was only like 64. Only took a few minutes to get in.

bon said...

About 800 last night and closer to 950 tonight. Though tonight is friday night...

Captain The First said...

steadily sitting on 200 every evening I log in. The kicker is when I hav to pop out to the store and the game logs me out before I can get home.

If the queues get any longer I'll probably play something else on the side. 10 minutes waiting is more than enough for me... 1hour would be bloody annoying since it'd cut my game time down by about 30%

Leiandra said...

Sounds like Dar and Captain have some pretty easy queues. Yeah, still around 800-900 on Bronzebeard. It was only about 500 last night, but I logged on at a different time, and I assume there will be less people A) as we get further away from launch day, and B) compared to Friday and Saturday nights.