Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You're Entering... The Westfall Zone

*You're traveling to another dimension...a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind...a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop: The Westfall Zone.*

So, last night I wanted to get my Shaman on Spinebreaker her fire totems. I have a habit of always wanting to do just one more thing before I log off, even if that one more thing should be just go to bed. We had taken down both Attuman and Moroes, but had gotten a really late start. At any rate, point being: I should have gone to bed.

I logged in at Azure Watch and read the quest of where I needed to go for the fire totem. I read "northeast", but in my sleepy state, I took it to mean "northwest". I vaguely remembered an elemental that you could talk to up above Exodar, so I headed over there. Upon getting to the base of the mountain, something struck me to look at the quest again. I think I remembered the elemental near Exodar being of earth, and I knew I needed a fire elemental for this quest. Since I was near Exodar, I figured I'd scan the AH with auctioneer and put up my leather and herbs that I had gathered. (You see where this "one more thing" obsession takes me?) I then hearthed back to Azure Watch and made it over to Emberglade to talk to the fire elemental even though I was extremely sleepy at this point.

After that, things are a bit hazy. I didn't have my hearthstone, but I knew I wanted the rest xp in an Inn. I think my intention was to run back to Azure Watch. I know I fell asleep. I don't know for how long. When I woke up, I was dead, I had released, and my ghost was standing next to a Spirit Healer. I made the quick decision to rez and park it in an Inn before I fell asleep again.

The brown grass looked familiar, but didn't look like Azuremyst Isle. Getting my bearings and trying to figure out where either Azure Watch or Exodar was, I looked up at the map and it said "Sentinel Hill". What??!!?? Westfall? How the heck? I checked the log, and it said I was fatigued, so I must have swam out in the water. Still don't understand how my ghost got to the other side of the world though. Overall, it was a good thing since I was able to get the flight paths to Sentinel Hill, Stormwind, and Ironforge before hearthing back to Azure Watch.

I know there's other strange things that have happened. I think I've had about a half a dozen things like this happen to me, most of them while I was awake. How about you? Any strange dealings with Blizzard's land that have put you some place that was rather unexpected?

p.s. I really need to remember to take screenshots.

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DadGuy said...


Dude, go to bed. =)

I fell through the world once when I logged on to my lvl 20 undead warrior. I got to watch the earth rise up above me as I fell. That has happened via fear in shadow labs as well. Doh.