Monday, July 16, 2007

Shade Slain

On Saturday night, we took a band of adventures into the library of Karazhan to confront the Shade of Aran. We first warmed up by playing a quick game of chess (which I've found to be one of my favorite parts of Karazhan, probably because nobody gets killed). Then we talked about strategy and engaged Shade.

We did well to communicate and keep most of his fireballs and frost bolts interrupted, thus keeping his mana consumption to a minimum. At 40% health, when the elementals were summoned, our warlock took care of two (banish and fear) while we tank and spanked the other two down. This was probably where Shade used most of his mana. We had the elementals under control. We refocused on Shade. And at 3% health, he mass polymorphed us all. Was that the end for that attempt? Oh no... not this time. We were all topped off and ready for the pyroblasts this time. And while the polymorph had meant a wipe for our attempts in the past, not this time. The Shade of Aran left us the Pendant of the Violet Eye and the Drape of the Dark Weaver.

We next decided to check out the Prince and find out how we could do at that point. Did I mention that we only had 2 healers? Yeah, we know... you should normally have 3, but when you have uber-healing (and a shadow priest's VE on top of that), it was no problem for Shade. Prince, however, probably needed a bit more healing. We got him into the second phase a few times, but we just didn't get him that far. Who knows... maybe this next weekend. But again, we killed Shade, so we made progress and we were happy.


DadGuy said...

funny how you worded topped off during the polymorph stuff. Being poly'd heals you you know. =)

I think the big problem was that we didn't have all the water elementals to deal with at the same time as the polymorph.

Leiandra said...

I used "topped off" because somebody said that in the raid. But you're right... it didn't make much sense.