Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mail Changes in Today's Patch

One of the more exciting things about today's patch is a slight change in the mail system. Before you get excited about the post from Eyonix, read through to the end:
As part of our continued efforts to protect the game's economy and ultimately the game-play experience of each individual player, we've made a small change to how an aspect of our mail system works. Just like in-game mail transactions containing items, mail sent with gold, silver, and copper coins attached will in most cases now take one hour to reach the recipient. This change will help us to better ensure the legitimacy of such transactions and further prevent the unlawful influx of currency into each realm’s economy. Keep in mind that this delay will only affect the following mail transactions containing coins:

Regular mail with coins attached.
CoD payments received via the mail system.

Note: This will NOT affect mail sent from one character to another when under the same account.
Also... later mentioned in that post and confirmed by Eyonix, items sent between toons of the same account now arrive instantly. Overall, I think it's a good change and may be able to help with battling the gold sellers. Kinda sucks that it will take an hour to send straight gold to a friend, but how many times have I needed to do that? Maybe once or twice that I wanted/needed it to get there instantly. Besides... I'm a mage. I can port all over the place. If somebody needs money instantly, I can probably just port there. heh.


DadGuy said...

VERY good change. I can actually really use one character at the AH all the time now. =)

Elinor said...

Sweet, instant items to toons on the same account will be awesome. Each of my toons stores all of a certain type of item. All herbs to one toon, all ore to another etc. When I want to craft something sometimes it takes stuff from 3 or 4 of my toons, and it always takes an hour to get the stuff moved around, then an hour to get the item to the toon that needed it. Not to mention I usually forget something so it adds an extra hour. This will save me loads of time.