Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dun Morogh Airfield

After Adventar told me about a little expedition he had up to the airfield near Iron Forge, I had to go too. Personally, I thought it was no longer accessible, but it's really not that hard to get to at all. WoWWiki has a good article on how to get there using one of three ways. I used the third way as that was where Adventar went (and the video linked on WoWWiki was of help as well). The only challenging part was the first jump behind the tree. I did it pretty easily the first time I went up, but then when Byasaz and Mattosaur wanted to come along with me, it took us a bit more time. But we finally made it up to the airport.

We explored a bit after that and found the trolls (level 8 or so) constantly fighting the dwarves up there. The dwarf guard in the picture above was crying, but who knows what about. It's just a fun place to visit... once. Unless you're gonna be farming for linen, you're probably okay if you don't come here more than once. The other place we explored was on the top of Iron Forge. Byasaz said it was the second highest elevation point in all of Azeroth. What's the first? I have no idea.

So, after we took this shot, I opened a portal for my friends, and decided to have one more adventure for the evening. With a stack of Light Feathers that I always carry, I casted slow fall, mounted up, and then jumped off the mountain towards Menethil Harbor. I had to dismount and recast slow fall 2 times before it expired with me only about 10 feet above the water's surface, so the fall was about a minute and a half. It was a great ride. Almost like parachuting in real life, just without all that annoying wind in my hair, and I didn't lose a contact either. As you can see from the map, I landed on the other side of Menethil Harbor. I'd highly recommend this jump for any mage or priest. I'm not sure that anyone else would survive the fall or be able to glide for quite as long.


Elinor said...

There is a tunnel that is blocked off up there that goes to Iron Forge, but is blocked off. I went up with my hunter, and summoned my pet while right next to it, and was able to summon it on the other side of the blockage. The use eyes of the beast to run down the tunnel.

You pop out somewhere above IF, and then fall all the way down into the city. It was a bit trippy.

Elinor said...

Wow I just re-read my post, and talk about bad grammar and spelling. rofl.

Leiandra said...

The funny thing is: I saw that tunnel with the "blockage", almost took a screen shot, and forgot about it by the next day. If you move the camera angle around, you can actually see through the blockage. But I didn't have a pet to actually send in. My co-worker said there's another tunnel, but I only saw the one.