Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chess Anyone?

Well, with the amount of time we had last night, we figured that it would be better to get the guaranteed loot from the Chess Event. "Guaranteed" only in the sense that once we got there, we'd most likely get the loot, but getting there seemed to be the challenge. It didn't help that our two MT's were not online. But it did help that we have a new recruit that puts all of us to shame on the damage meters.

The Chess event itself is kinda neat. If you don't succeed, you just get to try again. Nobody dies. No need to have a SS ready. Mages can effectively heal by controlling the bishops. Paladins can do damage. It's all great fun once you get there. We even had 3 epic items that dropped off of trash last night. One of them was Blinkstrike. (Still trying to decide what to do with it since it's BoE.)

But it's back to the beginning tonight. I'm assuming that if we have the decent group (like we've been having), we'll bust through all the beginning stuff and the Curator (at least) by the end of the evening. I'll be back to post about it on Thursday. Have a great 4th of July!


DadGuy said...

The chess event was pretty cool. I didn't get to do a lot becasue both times I had to move around people to try and get into the action and didn't get into the main part of the fighting. Easy couple of epics.

As far as the tanking goes... ouch. Not my best night but still... I do need to say it wasn't just a tanking problem. :P

Sirsha said...

Yeah it was a lot of fun. I have to agree that I don't think our problems stem from tanking. I'm sure we could all do better in certain areas. I am somewhat baffled that at times we can look so good and at times(Romulo & Juliette) things can go so poorly. Well to avoid pointing fingers I'll just leave it at that and say it has been fun :).

Leiandra said...

Romulo & Juliette
I had a few discussions about this fight with my epic pally friend that will probably be joining our guild. He had some suggestions that will help. Also, I'm not sure we had the Warlock's Felhunter out, and I think that would help a lot on getting those buffs off of Romulo. I was mid-cast a lot when he'd buff himself, and I wanted to get the spell off. It wouldn't have killed a tank, but it certainly didn't help soften Romulo's blows either.

Once we kill them both tonight, I'll do a write up about it tomorrow.