Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Do You Accomplish Before...

This past weekend, I got my alt druid to level 60. For some strange reason, I decided to level all the way to 60 in the Azeroth before heading to Outlands. I think part of me wanted to make the quests/mobs just a little bit easier, even though the xp bonus would out weigh the risk. Furthermore, since you pretty much have to have 300 mining before heading to Outlands, I needed to finish up some mining rounds as well.

So, here in a couple of short weeks, we'll have 2 expansions out. People may be eventually be telling the same levling stories of, "Yeah, I hit Northrend at 68 for the incresaed xp and gold," and skipping Shadowmoon Valley and the like.

But here's the curiosity: What do you do before you head to Outlands on an alt? And what will you do if you're leveling another toon to 80 that isn't 70 when Wrath hits? (DK maybe?)

I think the void from 58-60 is actually much better spend going to Outlands. Blizzard finally started "getting it" with quests in the first expansion. We don't want to have to run for 15 minutes to complete this quest. We don't want to have to kill 2000 gophers. We want a sense of accomplishment much sooner than that. Oh, and some of us would like a good story to go along with it as well.

From 68-70, it's not quite as bad, but some of the quests in Northrend are a lot of fun. (It could be partly because they're new.) And it's not quite the jump in rewards that Outlands was from Azeroth. So, I'm guessing that I'll probably stay in Outlands until 70, and then move along to the frozen North.

As for other things I do. In the case of my toons that have gathering professions, I make sure they have those to at least 300 (in the case of skinning, I probably could have been to about 375 before I even left Azeroth). And I empty my quest log of the unwanted/old/not completed quests. Other than that, I don't look back.


Pablo said...

I've been wondering what other peoples take on this was. On my 70 Troll Hunter, I've really only dabbled in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon. I don't know that I'll be able to keep from going straight from Blade's Edge to Northrend on my Dwarven Hunter. Except for skilling up professions, I really don't see any reason not to go there.

Michael said...

I would treat the Azeroth -> Outlands and the Outlands -> Northrend switch like any other zone switch, i.e. Dustwallow Marsh to Tanaris. I move on to a new zone for leveling if I've done all the quests that I plan on doing.

If I'm sitting at lvl 58 and haven't done thing in Eastern Plaugelands yet, I might go knock-out some of those quests, just 'cause I like those quests before heading to Hellfire.

Leiandra said...

I guess it just depends on your personality. I know my friend, Elinor is OCD, and hence does like every quest in every area with every toon. It just seems that pre-TBC, there was a certain pace to each zone, and you usually hit every zone (except for the starting zones) in the pace to level. Some of those aren't really needed anymore with the roll-out of the expansions.