Thursday, October 2, 2008

Activities When Your ISP Fails

Once again, Time Warner (or Road Runner) had their "lines cut" in my area causing me to lose Internet connection. So, I didn't do anything WoW related last night. I'm still rather baffled that there aren't redundancies in their system, unless they were all cut... twice... in a span of about two weeks.

Furthermore, I'm rather frustrated with all of the dropped connections I get and how I have to reset either my router or modem about 4 times per week. That translates into me having no desire to close my On-Q enclosure in my closet. So... I'm looking into Fios even though it's more expensive, and I don't really care about the speed... simply for the reason that it couldn't possibly be any less reliable.

So, my wife and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to do. Quest in Beta? Out. Shop online? Out. What did people do before the Internet?

We ended up being unimpressed with a couple board games (we tend to like party games like Cranium or Apples to Apples more, which don't do very well with just 2 people). And then calling it a relatively early night. So... yeah. I'm addicted to the Internet.


Anonymous said...

No offence and all, and I don't know anything about your circumstances, but there's just and your wife?

And you can't think an activity that the two of you can enjoy together? When the internet's off and you can have "quality time"?


I _can_!

Leiandra said...

Psh! I have 4 kids. I can't do that kind of crap anymore. lol.

Well... that, and we were both kind of tired and just needed to veg. 9 years of marriage next month... I guess that just does it to ya.

Peter Schultz said...

Make sure you call up Time Warner and have them check the levels at the drop on the pole. I know the number of splitters the connection goes through before it reaches your modem increases the power levels, so they like it to be at a certain level. My modem kept dropping connection, when we called them they had to re-balance the drop to get it to work right.