Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Background Downloader Failing on My Computer

I think I've mentioned this before, but I can't find the post. For some reason, my computers always have a problem with the Background Downloader. And it fools me because every time the downloader kicks in, it appears that my computer is downloading everything just fine. Then I go and install the new patch on patch day, and I have to download the whole thing.

True to form, it happened again last night. I thought everything was downloading correctly via the background downloader. All of the settings were set to download while playing. I was certainly on the game long enough for it to download everything. And then when I went to go install the patch last night right after I got home, it starts the downloader to download 1.2gb at 0%. /sigh

On the brighter side though, since it was patch day, I hear that it was a dozy. Lots of restarts, mods not working, etc. So, I guess it was a good thing that I sat and downloaded the patch for the evening. And then my two machines weren't seeing each other on the network. One is xp and the other is vista. I had them playing nicely before, but they didn't want to play last night, so I set the other one to download the patch for a second time while I'm at work. Yes, wasteful, I know, but I don't have a thumb drive large enough, and that computer doesn't have a DVD burner. So, that's my cheapest option.

Wow... that was kind of a boring post. I'll make a second post to make up for it. :)


gnic said...

Just in case you haven't looked at prices in a while, 4GB thumb drives are $10 including shipping these days . . . just in case your home networking woes don't go away. Of course thumb drives don't have the fastest i/o speeds so maybe re-downloading wasn't a bad idea.

Pricewatch Flash drives

Leiandra said...

I know they're super cheap. The issue was simply that I didn't have one at 9pm when I figured out that my network didn't work.

A very generous co-worker actually got me a 16 gb one. So, next time I'll be prepared. :)