Thursday, October 9, 2008

Greed Before Honor

First thing: I finally got a group together to kill Magtheridon last night, so I finally got that title. It was mostly a guild effort, but I had to Pug a number of people as well. I tried my best to only use "guild contact", people that we knew or guilds we trusted, etc, but it just didn't work out. So, there I was spamming the LFG and trade channels.

I'd thank a number of people that helped out, but I'm sure I'd leave out names, so suffice it to give my public thanks... you know who you are.

At one point in my recruitment, we were a bit light on healers. A non-guild Ret Paladin by the name of Tenacioust told me that he had a healing set of 1900, but he didn't want to pay for a respec. Fine, whatever. If it means that I finally get my title, then I'll pay. So, I told him I'd give him 1/2 now and 1/2 after the raid. I knew I was taking a gamble. After he got the first 1/2, the guy says he has to restart his modem. Yeah... I knew he wasn't coming back. And sure enough, he didn't. I didn't bother saying anything over vent, I just didn't care. But publicly calling him out in cyberspace on my blog seemed about right. I also wrote him an in-game message telling him that that wasn't cool, and that he should send me the gold back. No, I don't expect he'll respond... too much of a snake. But still, I tried. Hopefully Karma will bite him in the butt. It's only 50g. Geesh, dude.

The run itself was pretty much flawless. Had a couple deaths here and there, but no wipes. 1-shotted Mag. It was a big success.

Then this morning while getting ready (both for the day and finishing packing for BlizzCon), I remembered what I was doing at this time before the last expansion. Wish I could remember the guys name, but I was running in pick-up raids with a few people, but I was following. Now I'm on the other side that I'm the one leading them. It's fun... putting my knowledge together to help put raids together. I had to explain how we do things. And it was fun that I knew the raids so well. (At one point, somebody asked if we needed more tanks because we didn't have 6 to take on all of the channelers. Umm... there's 5. And we had 3 tanks that at our gear level, was more than enough to hold the channelers.)

At any rate... the sucky part about pug raids is generally just the time it takes to get the number of people together. If you have a core group (our guild in this case), and get Pug's that are willing to listen, then you really just make them follow along and it's "easy". At least... Mag is easy. :)

Last note: taking off after work and heading straight over to Anaheim Convention center to pick up my BlizzCon pass. I'll see what I can do to steal Elinor's iPhone as much as possible to send lots of pics. I'm really a people watcher, so be prepared for that. lol.

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gnic said...

That was fun taking down Mag. You put together a good group and led well. I always forget how much lootz Mag drops! Gratz on your title. Say hi to Elinor for me and get yerself a nifty Bear/passenger mount.