Saturday, October 11, 2008

BlizzCon Day 1 Thoughts

It was a really long, fun day at Blizzcon. (Wow... how's that for the worst opening sentence ever?) There were a ton of people. I got to avoid most of the crowds because I didn't care to purchase over-priced T-shirts and Steins. I'm just not that much of a memorabilia person. Then again, the customized figures (Figure Prints) are freakin' awesome in person.

They had 3 groups of computers (maybe a couple hundred each) where you could play Diablo III, Starcraft II, or the Wrath Beta. Wasn't too concerned about the Wrath Beta since I can play that from my own home. We played Diablo III once. It was okay. It's a hack and slash. While I own the other two, I'm not really a huge fan. Very cool graphics. Some cool spells. Just too... demonic for me. If you're interested, the "big announcement" from BlizzCon 2008 is the new Wizard class for Diablo III. Also kind of neat that you can play a male or female or each class. (No more having to be stuck with the female Amazon.)

Starcraft II didn't have much of a line, so we did that a number of times between panels. They've done a great job with updating the game. It's the great same game, just updated from 1998. And for attending BlizzCon, that means I get beta access to SCII, woo-hoo! There's not really much breaking news there except the game itself is pretty much done. It's just Blizzard working on maps and stories now. I'll let Elinor beat up a couple more times today as we play a bit more. :)

Also, I'll get some more pictures of some freaks... err... people today. :)


gnic said...

when does the beta start for SCII?

Leiandra said...

I don't know, Gnic. It looks like the game is mostly finished, it's just adding maps and single player story lines/scenarios at this point. So.. who knows.