Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fixing Your UI

I had another sort of follow-up to BlizzCon stuff, but with the amount of time I spent putting my UI back together last night, I thought I'd mention that more. So, first off... Altitis has a great post on some tips to putting your UI back together. I wish I had seen it yesterday.

Secondly, I'm not really happy at how my UI turned out. I would love to see some other UI's with what mods you use. But before I hand out and post an e-mail address for you, I have a couple restrictions.
  1. I want to see your screenshots in a full 25-man raid. As the GM, I want to be able to see who's alive and what amount of mana they have, etc.
  2. The screenshots must be recent and the mods compatible with Wrath. I don't want to see the best UI ever with mods that have been retired for 2 years.
Also, in the e-mail, let me know if you are willing to have me post your UI. I may or may not do it. It sounds kind of too close to WowInsider's column, but there's never (or rarely) show full raid screens. Just some toon out in some random area or something. So, go ahead and send them to Leiandra AT Primogeniture DOT org. Dazzle me with your creativity, and let me know how I can contact you to configure it all. If it helps, and you aren't aware, I do play a Mage. (Not that that would necessarily be the best UI or anything.)


Aerophilia said...

I wish any of my UI worked lol...

I'll post a good one if I get time to sort through stuff, but I have millions of Achievements to get atm. :p

Leiandra said...

Why do you think that I'm asking others to post their UI's? I'm working on my own achievements. lol. No, but seriously... I would like to see what else is out there that I could do.

Nibuca said...

My updated UI is posted here:

I use Grid for groups/raids. I don't have it setup to show mana. It does have a little blue dot that shows in the bottom middle if that person is below 20% mana. Also, grid has an accessory addon to add mana/rage/energy bars to the display. I don't use that because it was too much information.

Grid&Clique are heaven for healers.. but I even recommend it for DPS toons. Especailly if you have to pick someone out of the raid. It's compact and (I've found) easy to use.

I'm planning to upload my setting file for Grid to my blog in the next week.

MMV :)


Leiandra said...

Again, thanks, Nibuca. You're the :)

Keiya said...

Oh ugh, I spent hours trying to fix my UI after the patch. Anyway, here's mine:

List of mods:

Leiandra said...

Very clean, Keiya. Thank you.

Aerophilia said...

I like what you've done with Pally Power. ^_^