Monday, October 6, 2008

Crash Course in Mobile Blogging: Blogger

So, my last message was completely from my phone. I learned a couple of things.
  1. When taking pictures for BlizzCon this weekend, I can't turn the camera/phone on it's side or else I get funny-looking pictures.
  2. Blogger's "Blogger Mobile" kind of sucks.
The first point is kind of obvious. I should have thought about that when I was taking the picture. Today's second post (this one) has everything to do with the second point.

There is a help article here that explains how to use Blogger Mobile. Sounds kind of simple, huh? Well, for somebody that didn't grow up texting, it was a bit more of a challenge. First, I had to figure out how to include something other than numbers in the text message To: box. (There's probably another way, but I just added an e-mail address on a contact, and then I could add the address.) But I didn't figure that out at first. So, at the bottom of that page, they say you can send the keyword HELP to BLOGGER (256447), to which I did. And got this response:
Welcome to Blogger Mobile! Text a post to BLOGGER (256447) then claim your blog at To cancel mobile bloggging, text STOP. Other charges may apply.
Great! I tried that, hoping to get a claim token that I can enter here. Nothing. So, I work on trying to figure out the bit on my phone, to which I did. And so I got this response:
You have not yet registered. Send the word REGISTER in an MMS or email to By sending REGISTER you are agreeing to the Blogger TOS (
I think the link is humorous because you get an Error 404, Page Not Found. Oh, and I didn't mention that these were the successful messages. Meanwhile, I was getting multiple bounce backs from The final message I get is this:
By registering your device, you have agreed to the Blogger TOS (
(Again with the bad address.) So, great! I'm registered! But where's my token? I started searching around on the Internet and found this page. The third and final post is what I ended up doing. Basically... blog by e-mail. Which is something I started doing almost a year ago when I couldn't get to my blog directly anyway. So... while I am grateful for all that Blogger does. Fix your links and text messaging capabilities. Or at least fix the page that explains how to do it.


Elinor said...

dude since I'll be there with you you can just use my iPhone. It will be a whole lot faster.

Leiandra said...

Yeah.. umm.. well.. I needed a back-up plan. (And I didn't think about your iPhone. New fangled technology, bah!)

Brian said...

what do i do when i get that send REGISTER thingy?
ive already set up a mobile blog thing.

also i dont get the difference between blogging with my phone using BLOGGR or ''

help me out please. i wanna blog so bad lol

Leiandra said...

I never got it to work like they said. But looks like you did. Maybe they fixed it, who knows? Cool picture on your main site though. :)

(Oh, and... you might want to hide your test sites. tee hee.)