Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Wife: The Farmer*

Over a year ago, there was a guy that was in our guild that had his own personal "Chinese Farmer". He'd pay for his nephews account, and in return, his nephew would farm materials for him. Heck, he'd farm the herbs for 1/2 the guild sometimes. I always thought it was humorous, but it also seemed like that what his nephew enjoyed doing. He never raided with us. Some people quest. Some people PVP. Some raid. He herbed and mined.

Last night, I had about 20 minutes before I needed to send out invites to the raid, and my wife really wanted to play Wow for a bit. She's not a big fan of dailies because we do the same ones over and over again. (Yeah, she's not a fan of the "grind".) So, I figured I'd give her a taste of grinding mobs for primals. While Shadowmoon Vally is rich in many different primals, we started by working on Primal Fires. I think we had about 5 motes by the time we got down there and I had to switch toons to start the raid. It was a start.

A little bit into the raid, I realize that my wife is still at the computer. (She's actually in a different room.) She whispered me telling me that she was going to log, but that she had accumulated 30 motes of fire. (Sounds much more impressive than 3 Primal Fire.) It's a pretty good start towards some of the gear we want to make for her. Then again, with Wrath looming so close, I'm not really sure we want to use those mats to actually produce something, but that's not really the point.

The point is, that I turned my wife into a farmer. At least for one night. I don't expect her to do that every night. And in fact, I think I'd be shocked if she did it again (especially after this post. lol). It's just neat to hear things like she wants to be a contributor to the raids she comes on, not just a warm body. And now, she's "contributing" to get better gear made for herself.

Now if I can get her over the monatony of dailies that she dreads, she can be a true Gold Farmer. :)


Anonymous said...

Now there are so many different dailies, and you can do up to 25. Sometimes I will just do 5-10 different ones in one area. Helps to keep me from getting too burnt out on them. Some are really simple and fun to do, others not so much lol. I do find though having a group to do the SSO ones on the island does tend to make it more enjoyable. :D


Leiandra said...

It's the SSO ones that burnt her out. We haven't done the quests for the Blade's Edge ones (need the 5-man portions of those quests), and she didn't like the ones in Terrokar with the Kalari. (Shocker) But between the two of us, we can bust them out easily. And that's with my alt. With Leiandra, she's not contributing (she blows through people too easily), so she doesn't enjoy that.

Again... I guess that's the beauty of the game. If you don't like playing it one way, there's about 15 different other ways you can play the game. To each his or her own.