Thursday, September 4, 2008

Suggestion: Guild Bank Tax

Since I somehow started trolling the WOTLK forums today, there's been a couple of things I've wanted to point out as news. Looks like WoW Insider beat me to the punch on the realms first level 80 titles removed, but there's another blue post that they didn't address.

There's a suggestion on the forums that states the following:
Hey I thought it would be a cool idea for guilds to be able to have a set % of earnings from killing a mob goto guild bank. Guild master can set the amount. Not from vendored items just from what is picked up from a mob.

You receive 95 silver from %t, 5 silver goes to guild bank.

something along those lines. Would help towards guild raid mats/mounts for people.
It's an interesting idea and got stamped with a seal of approval from Tigole:
This is an interesting idea. We won't be able to get to this for the WotLK launch, but we are compliling a list of future guild improvements that we'd like to make in WoW.
Since I can't actually put my 2 cents in on the forums since I'm not a Beta Tester, I figured I'd voice my opinion here. I think it's a good idea, but only in certain situations. So, for example, the Raid or Party Leader should be able to turn this tax on or off. If you're out farming your own gold, you should be able to keep it all. But if your guild is doing some raid, I think it would be fair that a portion of those funds be directly deposited to the guild vault. I think with that spin, it would work. Otherwise, as a Guild Leader, I wouldn't use it.


Anonymous said...

The only problem I see with this is, it will probably counteract the good will that is presented by a lot of guildies. What I mean is, there are often times a guild member will toss in a couple 100g into the guild bank. Another nice thing is, with the gold increase from downing bosses, people have been Q.Q less about repair costs. If this is the sort of thing GMs want to start implimenting, just be perpared to start paying full repair costs for your guild, which will probably end up costing you more gold in the long run.


Leiandra said...

Honestly, ideally... I'd like to be able to cover all repair costs for guild raids; assuming, of course, that it would bankrupt the guild. I think there's always going to be some people that donate and some people that don't. I generally don't, because it's not something that crosses my mind. Not that I'm not generous, per se. It's just not something that I think about. Personally, this would help people like me that want to contribute, but just don't remember to.

And I believe there are still people that will donate herbs/ore/whatever to help the cause of the guild, even after a tax.

Pablo said...

My problem with this approach is the fear that it would be similar to working with a real government - ie, they're quick to take it, but slow to give it back. I've been in a guild for well over a year and a half and I haven't taken a damn thing out of the guild bank. The restriction are set so tight you basically have to petition a guild officer in order to get anything from there. Quite frankly, I'll just keep my money and buy my own potions.

Leiandra said...

Sounds like the issue is with your guild then. We open the guild vault to people that have put in some decent time (3 weeks of raiding is it?) and have signed the post explaining the rules (so they know what is expected).

But you're right. That could be problematic, especially if that's the way things work in your guild.

We've saved up a ton with the intent of probably buying the Hearts of Darkness that would be needed for Mother Sharaz. Maybe your officers have something similar in mind. /shrug

Walking_fishy said...

I am suprised this wasnt made before now....

But i present to you the guild tax addon
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