Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting a Bit Touchy?

Warning: This post is bordering on a bit of politics.

Okay, this isn't the first time that this has happened, but I'm kind of getting fed up with it. I mean, who really cares? What I'm talking about is this story. Basically, McCain's choice for his running mate has a nickname of "Barracuda". So, naturally, they played a 1977 song from the band Heart. Heart has now come out and said, don't use our song.

I guess I'm a little baffled. The biggest link I can think of is this: The band Heart is agains the War (or Republicans or whatever it is that they think McCain stands for). Their 1977 song played at a convention now links them with the War. Therefore, people will think they're for the War. That's a bit of a strech if you ask me.

Or is it that they think that their 31-year old song is going to make people remember Sarah Palin more, and that's who they'll vote for?

I'm just trying to understand. It's not like Heart is losing money. It's certainly possible that people will want to hear the song on the radio/iTunes whatever if it's played. It seems to me that these bands (more than just Heart) need to just let it go. Really. Take a breath. It's okay.


Then I spent like 15 minutes thinking about how Heart may feel. (I'm doing data entry for work today (gag), so I have time to think.) I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan. For multiple reasons, she just rubs me the wrong way. What if she were to use a song I created 30 years ago? I guess I might understand the frustration then. But this is news? I really need to find a better news source.


gnomeaggedon said...

I remember when the then Aussie Prime Minister used a Joe Cocker song (I think it was a Joe Cocker song), it garnered all sorts of mixed reactions, generally people were offended that his name was now associated with a Joe Cocker song

Pablo said...

Jackson Brown has sued the McCain campaign and NRC for using 'Running on Empty' in a political ad. The 'big deal' is that the use of the song implies that the artist endorses the candidate, the candidates beliefs and the content of the adds that it's used in.
Clearly Heart doesn't want to be associated with the McCain campaign in any way, and as holders of the copywright, has the right to refuse it's use in association with that campaign.