Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raid Motivation Before Wrath

Just before the release of The Burning Crusades, I had a lot of fun with guildies trying out new content for us. I wasn't in a raiding guild back then. And we were excited to press on and see new content and kills even though we knew we'd be replacing the gear soon enough once the Dark Portal was open. And once the new talents came out, we found an additional boost in our ability to do new kills in Zul Gurub.

In Primogeniture, lately we haven't had as many people signing on for raids. We discussed it a little in guild chat last night. It appears that some people want to get their alts to 70. Some people don't understand that the T5/T6 gear we would be getting wouldn't be replaced until level 76 or so. Some people realize they can get upgrades, but know it's not the same gear they'll be raiding in at 80, so why bother?

Unfortunately, there's not enough of a core (or so it seems) that are interested in the kill for the opportunity or satisfaction of a job complete. We'd easily have enough time to kill Vash and Kael if we had people signing on, but alas... we don't have the consistent numbers. A shame really... I was hoping to get that title. I'm not saying we have stopped raiding, but with cancelling raids due to lack of attendance, it's kind of frustrating.

But I can't believe that I'm alone in the current situation I find myself in; or rather, that Primogeniture is the only guild having this issue. We have a lot of core friends in the guild, so we can continue to do stuff... it just might not be the 25-man content we had been planning for. Maybe we'll see how few people we can take to bring down Mag. (Hey... then I'd at least get one title. lol.)

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Darraxus said...

You are not alone. I have not raided for months due to time constraints, but the Guild has been having drama with having to pug people and then the pugs winning loot in a free roll. I think Raiding in BC is just about over for our guild as well.