Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drastic Change In Wrath

I am truly shocked that I haven't seen any reports on this. Blizzard has changed a basic game mechanic so drastically that it will forever change the way we play World of Warcraft. This should have made the patch notes. This should have been the top story on every major blog. And as to this point, it has remained hidden as far as I know.

What is this dramatic difference? How will it effect you? Will this completely destroy end-game raiding? It's a good thing I'm here to fill you in. Thank goodness you read Zanderfin's Wow "Casual" Raiding.

I've still been playing around with specs quite a bit on my mage, Leiandra. In Beta, she's now been Fire, Frost, Arcane, Elemental, Arcane/Fire, Arcane/Frost, and a lack-luster build of equal points in each. So, I continued to quest a bit as I was trying out my latest build of Frost. There is an underwater quest which was quite fun. Going underwater was easy since it appears we now have increased lung capacity (about 3 minutes). And Blizzard was nice enough to give a quest item that allows you to breathe underwater as well. When I was done with the quest, and needed to resurface was when I noticed the change.

As I always do when I want a quick ascent out of water, I swam up and began jumping. Only this time, I didn't jump. I simply continued to rise at a steady pace. I thought my space bar might be broken, so I tried some more. Still absent: my jumping. As much as I tried, I could not jump while submerged in water. It was like... it was as if... I thought I was flying. "That's it!" I thought. It's the same mechanic that flying mounts use.

So there you have it folks. You heard it here first. This will completely change the way we... well... come up out of water. I'm simply appaled that I'm the first one to report on such a game-breaking change. Now... if I can just figure out how it will break the game, I'm sure I have grounds for a law suit or something.

(Clarification: Yes, I'm joking about it being game-breaking or of any major consequence in the game. And no, I will not be filing a law suit. More than anything I thought, "Hmm... that makes sense. Glad they finally changed that."

Also of note: you can still jump out of water, just can't jump while still submerged.)

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Anonymous said...

Damn.. this little Gnome floats like a rock.. the only way to keep my head above water is to jump between strokes... I will drown... in the nearest puddle...