Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yet Another Guild Vault Hacked

Just when I was wondering what to blog about today, the idea hit me in the... guild vault.

One of our guildies has been having computer issues. To make a long story short, he sent in his computer and gave them the password to his computer. I guess he used the same password for his Wow account. I don't know. Anyway, he claims that that's how his account was hacked. I trust the guy, he's been around for a long time. I can't fathom any reason he would have to steal the stuff. He's a lot of things, but certainly not a thief. (He's actually a lot of good things, I kinda said that in jest... just sounds like a line from a movie. heh.)

At any rate, he kept getting booted off last night at around 1. Then he couldn't get on at all; they changed his password. Shortly after, they ransacked the guild vault. We lost almost 30,000 g worth of mats. (The majority of which were Hearts of Darkness that we had been saving for shadow resist gear.)

So... anyone know a number I can call over at Blizzard? Or do I have to open an in-game Ticket when I get home tonight? /sigh

The other strange thing is that the log on Wowarmory and what's in game (at least per what my friend has said since I'm at work) don't match. Strange. I think the correct one is the one in game, but I guess I'll see when I get home tonight and look. Yeah... that sucks.


Galoheart said...

Yeah that sucks bigtime. Happened to my guild a week ago, to a few people while I was playing on the Beta server. Came back and found out the news a few people got hacked including the GM. We ended up forming a new guild since the GM lost all his stuff including account. Sucks.

Elinor said...

That really sucks. You would think that Blizzard could track that down fairly easily. Just check to see to whom the hacked guildmate sent the guild bank stuff. Or is there "gold laundering" in game that make it difficult for blizzard to track.

I guess the AH would be the place to do that, but then it is a matter of tracking gold instead of items.

It is still a huge hassle for you though :(

gnic said...

I hope Blizzard has something they can do to help with this. It seems from what our Guildie posted online it sounds like they were able to verify that the IP of the guy who kept kicking him off was literally in China . . . if that checks out (the logs show somebody on another continent knocking him off then raiding the guild bank and sending everything to a level one that isn't in guild . . .) then maybe Blizz can have some mercy here. Not like we're trying to cheat and not like our guildie got to keep any of the cash or items.

Leiandra said...

As a follow-up: We got everything back that same night. Yeah for Blizzard.