Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Diatribe Against Healthstones

That's right. I hate Healthstones. Being a mage, it's pretty much the only class that understands this. See... the thing is. Healthstones have a cooldown. Mana Gems have a cooldown. They both have the same cooldown. I suppose it's the same battle that other mana users have (do I use a health pot or a mana pot?). But this is different. Why? Because it only effects one class.

I suppose a similiar diatribe could be made from druids since they can't use potions without changing forms. (Dang lack of apposable thumb!) But, what's that you say? Druids will be able to use potions in the next patch? Oh... then I guess it really isn't an issue for them, is it?

We've had the warlock class leaders organize who would take how many points in Improved Healthstones. We generally have 3 Master Healthstones for most raids. Last night, I found myself staring at my Healthstones and thinking: Why? Why did I pick up 3? Heck, for that matter, why did I pick up any at all? I rarely use it. As an arcane mage with my associated mana addiction, I'd much rather use the 2-minute cooldown on a Mana Gem. Sure, there's some fights that I'll get hit and have to use the Healthstones on every cooldown, (Najentus comes to mind), but I generally grab them to let them sit in my bag until I log out.

Now, to get into other facets of it. Why do we have to have 3 bag slots to carry 3 charges of a Healthstone? They re-did Mana Gems to have 3 charges. Why not Healthstones? Mages used to have to conjure 3 different Mana Gems (and lesser ones at that). Still makes it "seem" that you need to bring 3 warlocks to your raid for the maximum "buff" that no other class can bring. Hey... I thought they were trying to get away from that.

And on a semi-related topic, why are my Mana Gems BoP? Is it because the "masters of arcane" are the only ones that know how to wield mana and will it out of this curious gem of raw energy? Give me a Mana Gem table or something while you're at it. (See? I'm not totally mage-centric.)


Elinor said...

Just look at healthstones as payback for mages being able to teleport all of the place. You get better "hearthstone" ability, but get the shaft on "healthstones" ability.

This post of course isn't serious, just razzing Leiandra ;-)

Leiandra said...

But... but... you can all get the benefit of it through portals. :) said...

I always feel guilty after a last minute wipe when I see the healtstone in my backpack.

But like you, I so rarely use the healthstone that I forget it is there (or I am waiting on my stone cooldown)

I always feel like I want to give them back... refunds anyone?